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Kraftwerk - Der Katalog album mp3

Kraftwerk - Der Katalog album mp3

Performer: Kraftwerk
Title: Der Katalog
Country: Germany
Released: 2004
Style: Electro, Synth-pop
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 721

3-D The Catalogue (German: 3-D Der Katalog) is the second official live album by German electronic music band Kraftwerk.

Kraftwerk is the debut studio album by German electronic band Kraftwerk. It was released in Germany in 1970, and produced by Konrad "Conny" Plank. Chief Kraftwerk members Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider used two drummers during the recording of the album; Andreas Hohmann and Klaus Dinger. Their playing provides the music with a rock edge

The November issue of MOJO Magazine had a fascinating interview with Ralf Hutter, in which he mentions that the first 3 Kraftwerk albums (Kraftwerk; Kraftwerk 2; Ralf + Florian) will get an updated remastered release at some point as well, and that a new Kraftwerk album will be out "quite soon", which of course in the Kraftwerk universe could be next year, or i. 63 people found this helpful.

Der Katalog by Kraftwerk appeared on 1 chart for 1 week, peaked at in Germany. View detailed chart stats and album information. You can make changes to the tracklist directly on MusicBrainz. Enter the url below of the most international release on MusicBrainz. Its not possible to enter the url of a release group.

Album including Album cover. I& sorry! Dear HIGHRESAUDIO Visitor, due to territorial constraints and also different releases dates in each country you currently can& purchase this album. We are updating our release dates twice a week. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Yours sincerely, HIGHRESAUDIO. Total Runtime04:45:58. Info for 3-D Der Katalog (Deutsch).


Autobahn 22:46
Kometenmelodie 1 6:41
Kometenmelodie 2 5:31
Mitternacht 3:45
Morgenspaziergang 4:02
Geigerzähler 1:07
Radioaktivität 6:41
Radioland 5:51
Ätherwellen 4:40
Sendepause 0:39
Nachrichten 1:17
Die Stimme Der Energie 0:54
Antenne 3:42
Radio Sterne 3:33
Uran 1:27
Transistor 2:14
Ohm Sweet Ohm 5:38
Trans Europa Express
Europa Endlos 9:41
Spiegelsaal 7:56
Schaufensterpuppen 6:15
Trans Europa Express 6:36
Metall Auf Metall 2:10
Abzug 4:53
Franz Schubert 4:26
Endlos Endlos 0:47
Die Mensch•Maschine
Die Roboter 6:12
Spacelab 5:57
Metropolis 6:00
Das Model 3:39
Neonlicht 8:55
Die Mensch•Maschine 5:28
Computerwelt 5:06
Taschenrechner 5:04
Nummern 3:20
Computerwelt 2 3:11
Computer Liebe 7:16
Heimcomputer 6:19
It's More Fun To Compute 4:13
Techno Pop
Boing Boom Tschak 2:57
Techno Pop 7:41
Musique Non Stop 5:44
Der Telefon Anruf 3:50
House Phone 4:55
Sex Objekt 6:51
Electric Cafe 4:17
The Mix
Die Roboter 8:53
Computer Liebe 6:38
Taschenrechner 4:33
Dentaku 3:26
Autobahn 9:28
Radioaktivität 6:53
Trans Europa Express 3:20
Abzug 2:18
Metall Auf Metall 4:59
Heimcomputer 8:02
Music Non Stop 6:41
Tour De France
Prologue 0:31
Tour De France Étape 1 4:27
Tour De France Étape 2 6:41
Tour De France Étape 3 3:56
Chrono 3:20
Vitamin 8:09
Aéro Dynamik 5:04
Titanium 3:21
Elektrokardiogramm 5:16
La Forme 8:41
Régéneration 1:16
Tour De France 5:10


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
KLANGBOX 002DE, 50999 3 07852 2 9 Kraftwerk Der Katalog ‎(Box, Comp + CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Album, RE, RM ) Kling Klang, EMI KLANGBOX 002DE, 50999 3 07852 2 9 Germany 2009
577 423 2, KLANG BOX 001 Kraftwerk The Catalogue 12345678 ‎(Box, Comp, Promo, RM + CD, Album, Copy Prot., Enh,) EMI, Kling Klang 577 423 2, KLANG BOX 001 UK 2004
KLANGBOX 002, 50999 9 67506 2 9 Kraftwerk The Catalogue ‎(Box, Comp, RM + CD, Album, RE + CD, Album, RE + CD) Kling Klang, Mute KLANGBOX 002, 50999 9 67506 2 9 UK & Europe 2009
KLANGBOX 002, 50999 9 67506 2 9 Kraftwerk The Catalogue ‎(Box, Comp, RM + CD, Album, RE + CD, Album, RE + CD) Kling Klang, Astralwerks KLANGBOX 002, 50999 9 67506 2 9 US 2009
KLANGBOX 002, TOCP-70819~26 Kraftwerk The Catalogue ‎(Box, Comp, RM + CD, Album, RE + CD, Album, RE + CD) Kling Klang, EMI Music Japan Inc KLANGBOX 002, TOCP-70819~26 Japan 2009
KLANGBOX 004DE, 5 0999 979411 25 Kraftwerk Der Katalog ‎(Box, Comp, Ltd, Num, RE, RM, Bla + CD, Album + CD,) Kling Klang, EMI KLANGBOX 004DE, 5 0999 979411 25 Germany 2012
KLANGBOX 003, 5 0999 6 44970 2 0 Kraftwerk The Catalogue ‎(Box, Comp, Ltd, Num, RE, RM, S/Edition, Bla + CD, ) Kling Klang, Astralwerks KLANGBOX 003, 5 0999 6 44970 2 0 UK & Europe 2012
Reviews (23)
I remember just a few years ago (only like 3 or 4) when I was able to snatch a few copies for like $60 each from a record store online. I later sold them at fair prices, tried not to inflate them too much. This box isn't worth $240.

I may be blind...and wondering.Was there ever a vinyl-release of "Der Katalog/The Catalogue"?I'm quite sure it was announced - but there is no sign / pic on the web that actually shows a vinyl version.And I just can not believe there is no entry for it here, if it does exist...Just asking because there is the annoucement of "3D Der Katalog" around the web...and for this a 9 Disc vinyl version is anounced once again...RegardsMOS2000

I have the same question. And I'm pretty sure I was choosing between an LP and a CD version when I bought this upon it's release. I settled for CD then, but I regret this now...

Skunk Black
The albums were reissued separately on vinyl, just like how the CD versions had individual releases, however there was never a Der Katalog vinyl box set.

There's some information about "The Telephone Call" in Wikipedia that is totally incorrect. They say "when the remastered album was originally issued in 2004 as part of the promotional version of The Catalogue, the full 12" version was featured" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Telephone_CallWikipedia is wrong, the 2004 version is the same as in the original "Electric Cafe" album, not the 12'' version which actually is the full version of the edited remix featured in the 2009 "Techno Pop" album.Wikipedia also misspells the name of the album, using "Café" instead of "Cafe". Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

New title "Der Unvollständige Katalog". This is missing the first three albums that were released by Philips then Vertigo and were available all over Europe and the third, "Ralf and Florian" was even released domestically in the U.S. Any Kraftwerk fan knows this so why does the band continue to treat these albums this way? You can't unpaint a painting fellas. Also, they're all great! So pull your heads out of your asses you pompous jerks. It's just really silly ignoring these.

That is because the first three (four, if you count Organisation/Tone Float) Records are ProgRock/Krautrock. In Ralf and Florian one can notice the beginning of the electronic Kraftwerk Age but it seems not enough to them. Beginning with Autobahn KW went into a hole new Direction. For them this is the Real Start in artistic Terms. They decided for an unpersonal approach, so here is another Reason why Ralf & Florian is not part of "the Catalogue.

New title "Der Unvollständige Katalog". This is missing the first three albums that were released by Philips then Vertigo and were available all over Europe and the third, "Ralf and Florian" was even released domestically in the U.S. Any Kraftwerk fan knows this so why does the band continue to treat these albums this way? You can't unpaint a painting fellas. Also, they're all great! So pull your heads out of your asses you pompous jerks. It's just really silly ignoring these.

they dont have the master tapes anymoretheir three first albums were produced by conny plank who is dead Kraftwerk or better said SCHNEIDER and Hütter dont have the original master tapes anymore plus they dont like their early stuff because they dont fit into the perfect style of the band

via Rolling Stone:Q: What's the story with the reissues of the first three Kraftwerk albums, before Autobahn? When will they be released?Ralf: "They are from another early phase of our work [before] Kling Klang Studios. Maybe when we have time one day, we'll release those, but so far we haven't found the time. We've been doing so much, concentrating on Kraftwerk since Autobahn. That's when we really started with electronic symphonies. We're concentrating on our work now and for the future, so we haven't found the time to really look to the past."Electronic symphonies. The experimental early albums aren't part of the current Kraftwerk. Maybe someday.

I bought this box from MOMA-shop. It has also eight LP size art booklets in their own white box.

This compiled collection of classic Kraftwerk albums is a MAJOR disappointment. I quickly sold mine and have sought out earlier versions of these albums to avoid the sound destroying 'remastered' versions.The audio is clipped in most of the songs and digital artifacts are present throughout. Everything is REALLY LOUD (the quiet parts aren't even quiet anymore!). Now, this might be useful for modern listening habits (via a cellphone, and ipod, or laptop/tablet miniature speakers), but it completely sounds like crap on even a modest set of home audio speakers. There is very little dynamic range left in the audio.It's a shame that Kraftwerk would allow such a pile of garbage to be released. Either they didn't listen to these remasters or they just don't care and are now all about the money. Sad to say.People seem to think of the word 'remastered' and think that the bad audio sections have been cleaned up. Unfortunately, modern remasters are typically much worse than early versions from a decade or two ago. Take it from me - avoid at all costs. P.S. - I rated this collection one star. That's as low as I could rate it. It doesn't even deserve that - all original version of these LPs are superb; these remasters are not.

I'm sorry to see how many earless people is commenting. All the remaster series are absolutely SHIT! Just to point you at one of the most annoying case: the Electric Café was an absolutely high-end audiophile recording (and on the top, without any noise), especially the UK-CD version which is more detailed and precise than any of the other 7 different versions I've had and auditioned. By the remaster series it became a very bad cassette-recording quality something. All the tiny details are destroyed, no dynamics, no high-ends. That's exactly the same to ALL remastered items. Denoising kills the soundquality and so it happened to ALL Kraftwerk album here. Just a good example: Spacelab intro transient noise of a switching. The good portion of it has just disappeared and were faded into the silence. I prefer a tape-hissed original rec. than any later manipulated counterfeits. The TDF 2003 is simply terrible: The original TDF-2003 is one of the worst soundquality recording from the history of electronic music and on the remaster series they have even boosted some basses and destroyed the anyway almost non-existant transients and details to make it even worse. Congratulation! All in all: As a soundenginer, audiophile-developer but mostly as a mature listener I have to tell: the remastering on all the albums was absolutely and totally amatheur work. I could have done it much better without destroying the originality so much. (I couldn't believe my ears and ran to my tools and gave a try with the original CDs and were denoised and even boosted some parts in order to make it all so bad as they did, but I couldn't. I don't know, what the hell made it all so bad on the remaster-series?) If the denoising was a point, there are some good softwares don't alter the high-end of the freq.-spectrum as much as it happened to the Kraftwerk remasters. So once again I don't understand the absolutely amatheur-approach of such great pioneers and wise men. This gigantic faliure is not the first they have made. I don't detail here the rest. Soundqualitywise is highly unrecommended SHIT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I've had many issues of all releases by Kraftwerk, incl. all in Japanese and I NEVER met any good made japanese CD yet! As an audiophile engineer (also sound engineer and so on...) I always keep testing. Japan releases I've came across were always the worse. I can tell why, but this is not the place. It's a strictly manufacturing technological question. I don't quite understand the attached info-sheet because I don't know how the values been measured? On the other hand: there's a very massive factor plays role in the sound quality: THE JITTER. It's in real-time mode what and it's not present when you grab a CD onto memory. So the soundquality and all other factors are depending on the situation you play the music from the CD or from the memory so measuring will give you 2 totally different values at the end, from the same source. AAAAnnd the most important thing: the so called "dynamics" has the least to do to the soundquality..... Average people don't know it as almost nobody knows that many music-industrial secrets from the manufacturing. I'm sorry, I know many of such and I must tell: all the results you hear are depending on soo many people's amatheur approach, that you can't even believe. Nobody knows how stupid the whole music industry is. Lacks of any in-depth tech knowledge and the result is accordingly garbage. That's why the big Kraftwerk is in this situation...

Error parents
I wholeheartedly agree. Remastering usually DESTROYS good engineering work (sometimes several weeks). Well, try to see it from that perspective: you have 72 buttons and knobs on those evil digital machines, so why not use 90% of them to make sound "better"? It's just so tempting, that's why they do it. Only way for the consumer with a brain: STAY AWAY. Don't touch them, instead look for 90's remasters (which sound BETTER despite "poorer" technology standards) or buy the original media, because this will get you the sound intended by the mixing engineer instead of the definition of "good sound" dictated by some A&R managers who want to get "bombed by sound" in their swanky car audio. No thanks, you guys. We want MUSIC, no unintelligible audio mush.

Kraftwerks first try at remastering. In comparison to the officially-released 2009 remasters, it is no wonder Kraftwerk decided to ditch this and start over.Especially the early albums Autobahn and Radioactivity have been partially destroyed. Their sound aesthetic relies on pink noise sounds a lot, and the denoising filters cut heavily into these sweeping sounds, leaving a feeling of harsh emptiness. The group avoided this problem on the 2009 remaster. Especially the intro of Radioactivity is heavily affected.So, no need to shell out $$$ for this one. Just get the new box.

[Referring to the Enligsh Version of this Promo]: I have read that Techno Pop, actually here, is the best remaster ever done. Very close to the original, however superior to the 2009 mess. Fan analysis here. Computer World, from the 2009 box, is completely botched -- muffled mix, excess of bass and tape problems inherited from the originals (stereo collapsing in Computer Love around 0:59). In this Promo, Computer World is much more acceptable than the Target US CD and the 2009 box. Something, however, must be said concerning specially Computer World album: The German version -- Computerwelt -- is a different mix, except for the last track. This different mix is superior. However, I am not fond to the German lyrics, as it seems the English wit was the intended thing. One more thing to consider is the LP pressings. You might have a pressing that is superior to everything that has been released, depending on your equipment.

There's no OBI. Only the additional booklet.

Very funny prices (for OBI and japan booklet only (?))

Incredible Release! The mastering of all including records is excellent and delivers crystal clear sound and full basses without destroying the originals flavour. Even if you own previous versions of the albums, this box is worth the money, you will enjoy the classics even more than before. The only thing they changed is "Electric Cafe". It's now called "Techno Pop" and "Der Telefon Anruf" is splitted into 2 parts. I think that is ok.The design holds the standard, the box itself is very solid and the booklets aren't just CD booklets, they are in size of a 12" and contain many great unreleased artworks and most of the lyrics.A must have for every fan!

Der Telefonanruf is not splitted in 2 Parts. The original Albumversion is missing and now there is the 7"-Singleversion (sung by Ralf Hütter, not Karl Bartos) and the B-Site of the 12"-Single.

awesome remastering & artwork !

If you can get your hands on this, please do. I've been told there were 100 scheduled to be sent out by EMI but way less than that actually made it out the door. This set is worth tracking down because the remaster is unparalleled by anything today. There's absolutely no hiss at all, and it's a beauty. As to the albums themselves, Ralf and Florian decided to choose to start with the album that began the path to their eventual sound, Autobahn. Doing this gives the boxset a more cohesive sound by removing the albums where the group was finding themselves musically. It ends with the group's submission to the 2003 Tour de France, albeit they were a bit late in releasing this besides the single, and once again prove Kraftwerk is a group that can make little to no changes in their sound and still have a commercial success. The redone suite of Tour de France etapes are more varied than the original, added with classics such as Aero Dynamik that shows Kraftwerk is still relevant in today's world of advanced production. The only downside I have about the boxset itself is that it lacks any type of special book and is copy protected. I've also been unable to break into Radioactivity as much as the rest of the albusm, but this is merely a personal problem. As this is a promo, and not the full release, we can expect these two areas to be remedied by the group. 5/5

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